Frequently Asked Questions

“Why Should I Hire You?”

Our goal is to help you meet more people, make a stronger case and engage more supporters. Strong donor relationships are the cornerstones for any organization’s fundraising success. But who has time? Where to start? We’ll work with you to not only draw a map from where you are to where you want to be, we’ll also give you the tools and set you on your way.

Ever notice how calling donors and prospects always falls to the bottom of the daily to-do list? How much time do you spend talking to your supporters? Do you thank them in any way other than a letter? With a just few small steps, you can exponentially improve your relationships, setting you up a long line of donor prospects, friends and potential board members. We’ll be your coach, helping you wrap your arms around your donor base and cultivate enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.

“How Much Money Will you Help Us Raise?”

How much money do you want to raise? How hard are you willing to work? We’ll set these goals together, based on real numbers, real facts, real parameters. We don’t believe in pie-in-sky goals that have no basis. Let’s work together to get your organization grounded. Be assured that by working with the Major Giving Group, you will raise more money.

“What Do Your Services Cost?”

It’s no secret that organizations these days do not have extra money to hire essential support. And as you know, it takes money to raise money. On the front end, our services are entirely affordable and can be shaped to meet your specific needs. By working together to set your goals, we trim the fat from your budget and stay on track.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients. If we don’t meet our goals, you get a refund. Simple as that.