About Us

The Major Giving Group is a small operation delivering big impact.

One of the biggest areas of untapped financial growth is in an organization’s individual donor base. If you don’t know who your supporters are, how do you know how much capacity they have? Or how passionate about your mission they are? Ever wonder what they think you can do better? If you effectively engage them they’ll give you more money.

The Major Giving Group’s strength is in building relationships. Fundraising is a human endeavor, and philanthropy is a very personal calling. Our specialty is in taking those annual donors to the next level; educating them about your cause and inspiring them to commit to a larger purpose. That means dollars. Anyone can send out a fundraising letter, but not everyone can finesse the relationships that will create committed, generous supporters. Not only do engaged donors give bigger money, they invest more energy and interest. And no organization can survive without committed donors.

There are 1.5 million non-profit organizations in this country. In Michigan alone, there are 33,000 non-profits, and the number has grown by 10% over the last 10 years. Simply put, the race for the dollars is on, and it’s a tough go. What are you doing to keep your foot in the race?

Kerry has over 16 years of vast professional experience in fundraising. She has worked in small shops, big shops, and even “virtual” shops. She has extensive professional development and volunteer experience as well, and is always reading and searching and learning. She is a whiz with donors, enjoys fundraising tremendously and wants to pass her expertise on to you.

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